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Boats for Every Need

Boats for Every Need

Do you need some fun and relaxation after a long, stressful workweek? Load up your family, friends, pet, or maybe just yourself and spend a day out on the water. Boats are a great recreational pastime with a wide variety to suit any aquatic pastime. Big or small, there’s a boat for you.

Bass Boats

So named for their popularity amongst recreational and professional bass anglers, bass boats typically fit two to five people. New & used boats for sale New Jersey are gas or propane powered, but electric bass boats have recently grown in popularity. They come equipped with storage compartments for your gear, snacks, drinks, and freshly caught fish. These boats are perfect for almost any lake, large river, or shoreline fishing.

Pontoon Boats

These boats are built more for small floating parties than for fishing trips. Most models fit eight to 10 people, but larger models can comfortably accommodate up to fifteen of your friends, family, or colleagues. Make sure you check boat storage space availability before investing in such a large boat, though. Although pontoon boats are great for large lakes and small gulfs and inlets, they aren’t recommended for the open ocean.

Jet Skis

If you’re looking for something more exciting than just floating in the water, jet skis might be more your speed. The term “boat” describes this vehicle pretty loosely; this one- to two-person craft is more of an aquatic motorcycle. Watch out, though! Shallow water in smaller lakes and rivers could cause you and the ecosystem problems, so it’s best to keep these in large lakes and close to shore on the ocean.


This boat is for people looking for a physical challenge and is ideal for rivers. Most canoes fit one to two people, though it is possible to find three- to four-person models. Canoes differ from kayaks due to canoes being propelled by the paddler kneeling and rowing with a single-ended paddle and kayaks being propelled by the paddler rowing a double-ended paddle while seated.

Whatever your style, boats are a great way to connect with friends, family, and nature.