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Considerations for Chartering a Yacht

Considerations for Chartering a Yacht

In recent years, yacht charters have become increasingly popular, as have the brokerages that arrange them. Groups of friends, colleagues or family members can pay to stay on a yacht for one day or an extended vacation. Being on a boat has special benefits, not least being the opportunity to spend time on the water. However, renting a yacht also comes with unique responsibilities.

Renting for Your Event

Practically any occasion can be spiced up with a little sea salt. In business, a day at sea presents the perfect bonding experience between employees or potential partners. A sailing voyage also makes for an unforgettable family vacation. For weddings or engagements, nothing suggests romance like a nautical night out. Finally, for pure relaxation, you can’t top a pleasure cruise with a few friends, a couple of coolers and your favorite yacht rock playlist.

There’s one major catch: Your chartered yacht must meet your needs for your specific function. A yacht rental for photoshoot Sag Harbor NY has different demands from a fishing trip. To ensure your rental process runs smoothly, have your requirements ready beforehand to communicate with your yacht broker. Professional agents are happy to help.

Choosing Your Charter Preference

Unsurprisingly, any activity that brings so much pleasure has its serious business side. Various kinds of yacht charters are available, and selecting the right setup can be the difference between paradise and disaster. The main distinction is between so-called “bareboat” and “skippered” charters.

As the name suggests, a skippered charter comes with a licensed captain, or skipper, at the helm, often along with one or more additional crewmen depending on the size of the vessel. In a bareboat charter, experienced sailors can have a vessel all to themselves, as long as they’re willing to be legally liable for all damages suffered at sea. There’s also a third option, the “cabin charter”, where each person in your party rents a berth on a yacht and pays their own way for other expenses.

However you rent and for whatever reason, a yacht can make your event one to remember. Bon voyage!

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