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Santorini Revealed: Summer 2022

Santorini is the most popular resort in the Cyclades and one of the most romantic spots on earth. The geological structure, which is owing to the activity of an extinct volcano, is its distinguishing characteristic.

Rest or cultural life of the island

Holidays in Santorini will be remembered by those who appreciate the natural beauty and comfort and enjoy a touch of local color. Not to say that the island has many attractions, but it has a unique atmosphere. So if you want to achieve a sense of harmony – go to Santorini in 2022.

On the island, a lot of attention is paid to infrastructure development. Here you will find countless restaurants and cafes with local cuisine, nightclubs with loud music, and sports centers with offerings for professional surfers and beginners in this field.

Where to stay?

The hotel infrastructure in Santorini is well-developed. There are plenty of hotels for all tastes and wallets. Virtually all accommodations, regardless of category, are decent – even private owners are trying very hard to maintain their reputation and attract more tourists.

The Santorini villas are a great option if you travel with a large group or with family. The chicest villas in Santorini are on the west side along the caldera, with pools, terraces, and restaurants. 

What is worth doing?

Tasting the local cuisine

The combination of local produce and traditional Greek cuisine looks mouthwatering. Moreover, the island is full of tavernas and restaurants where travelers of all incomes will be fed and drunk, according to the canons of Greek hospitality. 

Tours of wineries

Not only have they learned how to make quality wines, but they’ve also learned how to make the tour an adventure. So get ready because the wine cellars here are commonly painted peach, blue, pink, and blue. All this creates an incredible atmosphere and blends well with the landscape.

Walking on the slopes of a volcano

Santorini exists thanks to the volcano Nea Kameni, which erupted 2.5 million years ago and gave life to the place. As a result, the volcano is considered safe, and tourists can walk on Nea Kameni’s slopes and admire the scenery. 

Diving and Spa

The views are spectacular not only from the peaks of Santorini but also from the sea. You can rent a boat, take a boat trip around the island, and admire the villages and white houses from afar. 

A visit to the capital

Walking around Fira, you can see the rock of Skaros, which is just over 300 meters high. On top of it was once the former capital of Santorini. A narrow stepped path can reach it. 

Visiting clubs and discos

The island is popular with both residents of Greece and foreign visitors, and at the same time has a reputation as a youth resort. The nightlife on Santorini is intense – most bars and nightclubs are located in Fira, Perissa, and Kamari towns. 


Holidays in Santorini are a chance to get away from routine, immerse yourself in a world of history and antiquity, feel the forgotten romance, enjoy the warm sea and breathe the Mediterranean air. Also:

Holidays in Santorini can be arranged even with a minimum budget. And if you can afford it, the choice of five-star spas is one of the best in Greece.