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Cathay Pacific Flight Offers

Schools are almost opening, and you want to fly to Shanghai from Sydney. There are multiple airlines that you can use for your traveling. However, you may consider Cathay Pacific flight offers on your trip!

How Much do Cathay Pacific Flights Cost?

Whether it is one- or two-way flights, Cathay Pacific ensures you get the most affordable packages. Students and teachers receive good discounts and travel back to their countries to resume school sessions. However, you should not worry even if you do not fall under the teacher or student category since the flight to Shanghai has been considerately hedged on the price grounds.

The airline got you covered in case you miss a flight. You can secure a refund on request, but this is done in special circumstances. Examples include if you fall sick before the flight or a family member dies. Other circumstances include booking a wrong destination or request for the flight to be pushed to a later date.

The reduction of the cost of tickets, especially from Australia to China, has been subject to relief by travelers.  You can now afford to fly with the executive class that is currently lowered to the equivalent of seventy percent of the initial costs. This makes your travel from Sydney, Australia, to Shanghai, China, easy and affordable

Accommodation Connection with the Cathay Pacific Airlines

You get an opportunity to be booked in an exquisite hotel on arrival to Shanghai or Sydney if you travel with Cathay Pacific. This is because the company has collaborated with several hotels in Shanghai. You can easily secure a vacancy in an exquisite hotel among the listed hotels on arrival. This makes your work easier after leaving the airport.

You get to choose among all the hotels in Shanghai after the flight. The hotels include; Central Hotel Shanghai, Great Central Hotel Shanghai, and Hyatt on the Bund. These hotels will grant you the highest quality services and security.

You also get a chance to be transported with a taxi fully sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airlines on arrival to Shanghai from Sydney. The taxis are contracted to carry you to the hotel on arrival. You may also get the privilege of being catered to taxi costs if you travel back to Sydney from Shanghai using the same airline company. However, this offer applies to passengers who stay in Shanghai for a maximum of one week.

Other Privileges Offered by the Airline Company

You will also enjoy other offers by the airline if your return ticket reads below two weeks. In this case, you will get to use the same plane you flew in and the same seat you took on your way to Shanghai. However, you are allowed to change the plane or seat for different reasons presented by you.

Other offers include; a discount on the ticket in case you have less baggage. This offer was put in place to regulate excess baggage on the airplane. Passengers with luggage have not been discounted in the event of excess baggage.

You cannot afford to miss this perfect opportunity brought by Cathay Pacific. It does not matter if you are a student, teacher, businessman, or tourist. The offer will favor you in one way or another regardless of your reason for traveling from Sydney to Shanghai or the other way round.

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