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Enjoy The Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Enjoy The Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Dubai has become one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. These small city-states have more to offer than most countries that span several time zones. The Dubai government and business people are always finding new and interesting ways to attract tourists and provide an action-packed vacation. There is even skiing in a closed ski mall. Namely skiing in real snow in a controlled environment in the middle of the desert, how cool that is. Of all the fantastic sights in Dubai though some stand out as the most popular and exhilarating experience, Dubai desert safari.

Generally considered an extraordinary destination for wealth that makes an extraordinary blend of distinctive Arabic culture along with modernity. It provides the perfect experience for sightseeing, adventure, travel, history, tradition, and ambition. People from different parts of the world generally plan their visits to uncover the different types of experiences covered in several folds.

Lots to Enjoy The Dubai Desert Safari Tour

When you are in Dubai, you can book a desert safari dubai with one of the many tour operators available. All tour operators who run Dubai desert safaris follow the routes and regimes that have been determined. You will always be picked up from your hotel or residence. It’s in the morning and you will be part of a group of six who are all traveling together.

A safari brings up the romantic image of a journey through the forest and mountains. Previously safari on foot, but now modern safaris are often done by four-wheeled vehicles. Desert safaris are another mutation of old safaris and equally interesting. In particular, the city of Dubai offers desert safaris which are a trip through the dunes.

Facilities Provided To You

Deserts are barren regions made of sand and small hills called dunes. These dunes have a characteristic where they are not static and continue to shift in the direction of strong winds. When moving in a desert the storm is quite common and at that time the visibility can be reduced to zero. So there is a need for special 4×4 wheeled vehicles. The vehicle is roomy and with air conditioning not heated in the hot desert. Previously, desert safaris were on camels – but that was in ancient times.

Book Your Tour Wisely

You can choose from various packages for Safari Safari. There are overnight desert safaris, morning safaris, and night safaris. Depending on your choices and preferences, you can choose one of them. Make sure that you book your tour only with registered government and trusted tour operators. Because you are a foreigner, you might not know the rules and regulations and don’t want your operator to guide you during the trip.

The safari expeditions all depart from the city center and take the adventurers to dessert. Transportation is in a temperature-controlled all-wheel-drive vehicle for safety and comfort. Tourists can choose from several choices of Dubai Desert experience. Depending on the time available and the desire of tourists to see each of these options offers a fantastic time in the desert with the opportunity to take photos, ride camels, enjoy Dubai cuisine and return safely to the city.

The most popular desert safari trips offered are night safaris. Depart from the city at 4:00 pm the whole experience will last for six hours. Participants will be able to do dune bashing, visit camel farms and ride camels, participate in quad biking if desired and climb the sand. The time is taken at sunset so guests can take photos of the sunset in the amazing desert. Watching the sunset peacefully on the dunes is a rare experience.

The dramatic colors that light up the night sky are truly amazing. After sunset, the bar-b-que is prepared and everyone is treated to local cuisine. Safari ends with smoking a Shisha Arab water pipe and a belly dance exhibition. For six hours of excitement, the travelers were transported to the desert world and then safely returned to the city for the beautiful nightlife that Dubai has to offer.

For those who are truly adventurous, there is an overnight expedition to the desert. This trip will leave the city center between 3:00 pm and 4:00 p.m. and return the next morning at 9:00 p.m. During the seventeen hours in the desert, tourists are treated to a variety of activities. From dramatic desert sunsets to stimulating sunrises in the morning, these are exciting hours of action.

Activities include dune bashing, camel riding, sand riding, quad biking (additional fees may apply), Bar-B-Que nights, girlfriend painting, belly dancing, evening activities and breakfast in the morning. Snacks are provided throughout the trip as well as sleeping bags and blankets to stay. Shisha is offered for those who are looking for a traditional Hubblee Bubblee experience from a water pipe.

Guided for pleasure

Another benefit that you enjoy when you book your trip with a recognized and well-known tour operator is that they go out of their way to give you maximum satisfaction, which is their main goal. They provide personalized care and attention throughout the trip to make you feel at home and relaxed. They explain everything about the desert, its environment, and history on your trip so you don’t miss anything during your trip.

Anyone who makes Dubai a destination must take a desert safari to truly enjoy the Dubai experience.

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