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Top 10 activities to cover while exploring South America

Due to the highly competitive world that we live in, every single day feels like a war to be fought in order to make a good life for ourselves. Some people might enjoy this hustle and others might not, but one thing is common in all the rat race of work can be physically and mentally exhausting. This is why everyone deserves a fun-filled break once in a while in order to break the loop of monotony. The interesting South America Tour Packages makes it an ideal holiday destination!

Explore the Inca ruins of Macchu Picchu, Peru

 An Inca citadel that is believed to have been constructed somewhere in the 15th century, Macchu Picchu is set up on a mountain ridge of 2430 meters in the region of Peru. An important icon of the Inca Empire, this place is fondly referred to as the “Lost City of Incas” as well. The location of these ruins is absolutely gorgeous, and every dismantled stone you’ll find here is filled with stories of all kinds.

Witness the spectacular beauty of the Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Whether you are a water baby or not, waterfalls are something that intrigue everyone that witnesses them. This is because not only is the weather pleasant around them, but also they are another natural beauty marvel that one can find in South America. The Iguazu Falls in Brazil are an unmissable spot on one’s South America tour for the very same reason. This waterfall submerges into the Iguazu river which is on the border of the Argentine region. The massiveness and natural beauty of this waterfall are unmatched.

Meet the locals

If one wants to know the place in its truest essence, then it is absolutely vital to indulge in some conversations with the locals of that given place. As South America is home to such a wide array of cultures, you will find interesting people to interact with that will enrich your knowledge of the world. 

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You need not be a party person to enjoy the famous carnival that is held in Rio de Janeiro. Being a tropical city, this city is definitely renowned for its happening party scenes but the carnival over here is a different experience altogether. With loud music and bright costumes, this procession is an absolute treat to the eyes and the performers you will see here come from other parts of the world.

Get lost in the Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia

Thanks to the increasing advent of urbanization all across the globe, there is one thing that is missed by almost every individual and that is lush greenery. This is why the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia will surely mesmerize you. Considered to be one of the places with the highest rainfall in the world, this forest is home to around 2.5 million species of insects alone.

Bird watching at Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador

For those of you who are unaware, the Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador is considered to be a unique ecosystem amidst great natural beauty. This forest is known all over the planet for its immense biodiversity due to which birding is an impeccable experience here. This mystical forest is also a great place if one is looking for adventures or wishes to hike amongst the greenery.

Take a tango lesson in Buenos Aires, Argentina

While we often prioritize learning about the local culture of a particular place, Buenos Aires gives an opportunity to its travelers to not only witness its cultural dance form but also learn it from an expert. Tango originally belongs to the land of Argentina hence the reflection of its heritage can be found in this dance form. You can opt for private lessons from a reputed tutor or simply join the classes available here. These tutors explain the dance form right from its root level and complete it by making you fluent in these dance moves. 

Explore Cusco, Peru

Cusco which is currently a city in the land of Peru was once the capital of the famous Inca Empire. Due to this, one can come across a lot of structures and other such representations of the civilizations of those medieval times over here. Be it the renowned Incan temple or the carved wooden structures here, everything will help you get exposure to the Incan empire.

Visit the Marble Caves, Piles

If you are looking for a natural marvel to witness that will turn into a lifetime memory for you, then the Marble Caves are an absolute must on your South American tour. These caves have not attained the kind of recognition they rightly deserve but there is also a plus side because of it. The caves are almost as good as being untouched and the varied shades of blue, turquoise, and green will leave your mouth wide open due to the surprise element of its beauty.

Discover the Amazon Rainforest, Venezuela

Another extension of the world-famous Amazon rainforest, this part of the forest found in Venezuela has a wide river passing through it which is the richest color of blue that you will ever find in any of the water bodies that you have come across. Not only this, it is crisscrossed across its land expanse with thousands of rivers making it the largest rainforest in the entire world.


South America can be said to be one of those hidden gems in terms of travel destinations that Indians have not properly discovered. But when you sit to plan an itinerary for the same, you will realize that it has so many unique activities to indulge in that you will be impatient to visit this land for yourself!