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What do I need to pack for a camper van in Iceland?

What do I need to pack for a camper van in Iceland?

While there are no rules that say you should pack everything, here are a few essential items on your Iceland campervan packing list: Layers, Flip flops, Down filled jackets, and a pair of waterproof hiking boots. A DSLR camera is a good choice; it will allow you to capture the beautiful scenery of Iceland with better quality. You will also need an external hard drive to store pictures and videos. If you run out of memory, you’ll have a problem.


Even though the temperature in Iceland rarely drops below freezing, it can be cold during the winter months. A winter parka and a hat are essential to protect yourself from the cold. Although the van’s curtains did an adequate job blocking out light, you may want to pack a sleep mask if you’re worried about getting a good night’s sleep. Also, a headlamp is an excellent idea if you plan on driving in the dark. It will free up your hands for other tasks and provide directional light.

Another tip for dressing properly is to wear a lot of layers. Iceland has some extreme weather, and it can be chilly in the evenings. You can bring warm socks and a hat for the days when it gets cold. Warm hats, fleece blankets, gloves, and gloves are all great additions to your camper van wardrobe. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable, so be prepared for all kinds of conditions.

Flip flops

It’s best to bring a tent, travel towel, and toilet paper to maximize your time in Iceland. Iceland’s hot pots and showers are quite cold so toilet paper will come in handy. You should also bring motion sickness medication, as travel vans can be bumpy! You should always get extra toilet paper for yourself and your passengers. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a pair of flip-flops!

When packing your flip-flops for a camper van trip, choose ones that are a little dirty. Then you can squat in the forest for nature wees, keep your feet above the ground during solar showers, or jump out of the van to push out of sandy pits. Of course, you’ll save money by packing your own. And if you’re on a budget, pack a pair with good traction and grip.

Insulating your core

If you’re going on a long road trip to Iceland, insulating your core for a long journey will ensure that you’re warm enough on even the coldest nights. To keep yourself warm in extreme temperatures, choose suitable materials. Some people select fiberglass, which is lightweight and easy to work with, while others opt for rockwool insulation. Rockwool, also known as mineral wool, is derived from Basalt rock and recycled Slag, a by-product of the copper and steel industries. Its high thermal resistance makes it an excellent insulator for your van, but it’s also far more comfortable to work with.

One popular type of insulation is made from fiberglass wool, composed of fine glass fibers and lightly compressed. Its closed-cell structure traps soundwaves and dampens vibration, offering excellent noise reduction. Although it is a more expensive material than fiberglass, this material is environmentally friendly and will reduce the amount of noise that your camper van will be exposed to. Another option for insulating your core is EPS or expanded polystyrene. However, unlike fiberglass, EPS insulation has small gaps between beads, which makes it more susceptible to moisture.

Down filled jackets

Down-filled jackets for Iceland are an essential part of your gear list. They are lightweight and warm and adhere to the philosophy of dressing in layers, keeping your body heat inside the core of your jacket. You can buy packable down jackets, such as those made by Patagonia, to fit your requirements. These jackets are comfortable, breathable, and can also be used as travel pillows. They are also great for use as mid-layers during the winter months.

Choose warm, waterproof clothing to protect you from the cold during the year’s cooler months. Even if it’s sunny and warm, Iceland can be chilly, especially at night. You can visit hot springs, so be sure to pack your swimwear. In addition, bring a hat, gloves, and fleece blankets to keep yourself warm and cozy. Down-filled jackets are perfect for cold weather, so pack plenty of them for your Iceland trip.

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