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Why you should visit Cancun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of Cancun before. It’s known for its pristine beaches, lively nightlife, ruins, and incredible water activity opportunities. It offers something for every type of tourist, no matter your age or holiday preferences. If you haven’t been before, here are all the reasons why you should add Cancun to your bucket list.

Glorious weather year-round

Cancun winters are enviable to many other parts of the world and are often some of the best times to visit. It is their dry season and there is little rain during this time, the weather is warm, and the skies are blue. Unlike a lot of other destinations where you have to book your vacation around the season, Cancun is good to go any time of the year making it a flexible and highly sought-after option for many. If you are looking for a sunny, tropical location, you cannot go past Cancun as a vacation.

The food

Need we say more? Cancun and Mexico in general, have some of the best food in the world. From street food and diners to delectable seafood and fine dining, there’s something for every taste. You couldn’t visit this place without trying some Mexican food. You can get tacos at practically every restaurant and you can tantalize your tastebuds with authentic Mexican food. While many places do sell local food, there is an abundance of other cuisine options to choose from including Western, Japanese, Asian, etc.

It is affordable

Cancun has so much to do, and everything is reasonably priced so you can make the most of your trip here without breaking the bank. When it comes to accommodation, there are options from as low as $45USD per night. You can eat out without skimping on quality and you can get a taco or burrito for a few dollars. Most restaurants have live entertainment and if they don’t, there is always something happening on the street, especially at nighttime. Even doing something elaborate like going on a luxury yacht charter is accessible to most people of all budgets with day trips and all-inclusive food and drinks starting at around $100 per person. 

Snorkel the second largest reef in the world

With one of the world’s best reefs at Cancun’s doorstep, why not take the time to explore it in its full glory when visiting this part of Mexico? From here, you can visit MUSA, the underwater museum in Cancun which boasts underwater sculptures that have been purposely placed to promote coral growth. Other great spots include Punta Nizuc and Isla Mujeres. These places are bursting with bright and colorful fish, sealife, and corals. This paired with exceptional water clarity makes for beautiful viewing.

There are plenty of tour options available, or for something a little more luxe, why not consider a snorkel tour on a luxury yacht – it may not be as expensive as you think it will be. The best part of a day tour to the reefs is that your food and drink are included with most of them so it works out to be an awesome day for cheap.

Explore the ancient ruins

Is any trip to Cancun really complete without a visit to the ancient ruins? There are tonnes of options to choose from, and they aren’t very far from Cancun. These are affordable to enter and can visit one or many in a day.

Swim in a cenote

Around 30 or so minutes from Cancun, you’ll find a variety of freshwater cenotes that make for a breathtaking sight and a refreshing dip. The water is usually turquoise, and you can see fish swimming around as you swim. The water temperature is cool which provides sufficient relief from the often hot and warm weather that Cancun is known for.

Hit the shops

Whether you’re a shopaholic or simply looking for a souvenir or two to take home, Cancun has no shortage of shopping options nearby. There is a shopping center in the Hotel Zone, and many boutique stores sprawled along Playa del Carmen. If you’re looking for something a bit more authentic, you cannot go past the local markets, here you will find arts and crafts, food, and entertainment.

Visit an all-inclusive resort

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts in Cancun, you are spoilt for choice. Cancun is recognized for its beach-lined resort scene. These places are fantastic and a must-do, everything is taken care of for you, from your food and drinks to your entertainment and amenities, you do not have to leave for anything if you don’t want to. You can just kick back and enjoy your time in the resort, relaxing while indulging in endless food and drinks.

Head out on a luxury yacht charter

When some people think of a luxury yacht Cancun charter, they think it’s something that only the rich can afford to do however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here in Cancun, you can go out on a luxury yacht charter for a few hours or a few days depending on you and your specific holiday needs. The team at Riviera Charters offer a variety of charter options, and all aim to give you a unique experience of exploring Cancun whilst out on the water. Some of the highlights of our trips include visiting stunning beaches, snorkeling, and water activities. We supply all the food and drinks for the duration of your trip, all you have to bring is yourself and your swimmers.

Relax on the beach on a lounger

With some of the most stunning beaches in Mexico, it would be criminal not to visit one of them and have a drink on a lounger. While soaking up the sunshine and sipping on a cool drink, you can have a splash in the crystal clear waters or lay back and immerse yourself in the serenity.

Are you looking for an adventure while in Cancun?

We hope this post has inspired you to visit the beautiful Cancun area. There’s no shortage of things to do here and if you’re looking for an adventure, contact us at Riviera Charters. We have luxury yacht charters, and helicopter and airplane tours that allow you to see Cancun in all its glory!

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