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Dubai desert safari is a perfect idea

Dubai desert safari is a perfect idea

Dubai desert safari is a road to the Arabian desert. It is the perfect way to travel on. It will make you fall in love with the Arabian Desert. It has so much to offer and it is the best safari.

What makes it the best one?

The opportunities are too good. You can bring anyone with you and you can even have a good time alone. You will not feel lonely at all. The timings are according to your availability. Booking is also very easy. To guide you, the whole team is there.

If you are fond of adventures then trust me Dubai desert safari should be your first priority because the packages are too good. There are quad biking, Sand dune activities, and full enjoyment. If you are fond of camping then a full entertainment program is there for you.

Want to know about the activities?

Morning Desert safari.

Start your day with Sunrise photography and the next stop is adventurous rides like quad biking, Sand skiing, dune bashing, and camel riding.

Quad Biking:

Quad biking is for bike lovers. You should try a four-wheeled bike. It is different in construction and mechanism as compared to the two-wheeled bike. The experience will leave you astonished.

Desert Dune Bashing:

Dubai Desert Safari is famous for dune bashing. The idea of off-roading is amazing. The Sand dunes are perfect for dune bashing. Our drivers will help you and will take you for the craziest adventure.


Walking over Sand dunes is fine but sliding over Sand dunes is amazing. Take a deep breath and start surfing over Sand dunes.

Camel Riding:

Take a camel ride and explore the Arabian desert with the camel at Dubai desert safari. The idea is amazing.

Evening Desert Safari:

You can try all the adventurous activities in the evening as well. The highlight of the evening is the famous sunset photography. You can also go camping after the sun goes down.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Overnight desert safari offers camping. The camp activities are so mesmerizing and so much fun. Sit at the desert, enjoy the camp activities and when the activities are over you can stay in the desert. The activities of overnight safari at Dubai desert safari are:

The fire show:

The fire show involves manipulation of fire. The players are amazing. They will entertain you a lot and you will be surprised by the fact that how a desert can offer so much.

The Tanoura show.

The dancer wears a Tanoura costume and takes spin continuously for at least 30 minutes. They have so much control over their body and their performance is so powerful and beautiful.

Arabic costume photography.

Wear the Arabic costume and take pictures. The idea is so beautiful.

Henna Art.

Henna painting is loved by women. The henna experts will decorate your body parts with henna in the most beautiful way.


While the camp activities are going on, you can have your dinner which includes buffet and barbeque. The idea is so delicious.

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